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Easyboot Back Country

The Easyboot Back Country features a Comfort Cup Gaiter that's soft and thick, and a front shield with a sleek fit. The boot excels in the pleasure riding category, but easily doubles as a performance boot. Ideal for short or long rides, be sure to carry one with you because it's also a great replacement for a lost shoe.

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Key Features:

  • • Comfort Cup Gaiter supports and protects soft tissue areas
  • • Lightweight upper stabilizes the boot on the hoof
  • • Completely convertible and replaceable
  • • Removable rear snug strap is reversible for left or right hooves
  • • Quick and easy to put on and take off

We also sell spare parts and accessories for the Easyboot Back Country.

*Boots are sold individually
Not all sizes are available in new style.



How to measure for the Easyboot Back Country