"Take care of your horse before you take care of yourself" - THE CODE OF THE WEST


Welcome to the new Easyboot SA website

Easyboot SA was born when a group of friends started looking for alternatives to metal shoes in South Africa. As horsemen they wanted what was best for their equine partners. After researching for the best that is availaible, they partnered with Easycare Inc and became accredited distributers for southern africa.

A potential booter is faced with a bewildering choice of boot types within the Easycare range. Here on our website you will see boots that mainly focus on fields of endurance and trail riding, but we do have some therapy boots. Our expertise is always available to you should you have any queries on product choice and application across discplines.

Even though we do not keep the full range of Easycare products, we endevour to supply you with any of their products you may need. Look at Easycare Inc's site and immerse yourself in product, application knowledge and videos.